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Exterior Inspection list:

Ensure all entrances are secure; visual check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage

Check outside faucets and hoses for leaks; removal of newspapers, flyers, packages, mail and other evidence of non


Visual inspection of roof & gutters from the ground 

Visual inspection of yard/landscaping to assure

regular maintenance

Check that irrigation clock/system reflects accurate time.

Interior Inspection list:

Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, damage or other disturbance

Check that all windows and entryways are

secure; check security system is set and working properly

Check inside lighting timers set accordingly

Visual inspection of all HVAC serviced areas for signs of pest or unusual insect activity

Note any unusual odors

Visual inspection of walls, ceilings, windows, tubs, showers for evidence of water damage, leakage, mold or mildew

Check that thermostat is set at correct temperature

Check that freezers, refrigerators & disposals are working

Visual check of hot water heater & A/C pans

Replace batteries in smoke detectors

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